Can PR Be Easy?

You bet it can! If you're working with RGA Public Relations.

How Can Public Relations Be Easy?


PR for Financial Services usually isn't easy, but with RGA's new content marketing option, we've made it easy to get the public relations content you need.


With a content marketing subscription from RGA you'll get the creative support, story consulting and writing services you need to achieve your goals.


Once you have your story down in writing, it becomes much easier to get that information out to the world through traditional PR and social media channels.

Get a professional writer to create the content you need


Rick Grant has over 30 years of experience as a writer and editor. He started writing about the mortgage lending business in 1997, when he joined the editorial staff at National Mortgage News. His articles have since been featured in national newspapers, magazines and online publications and he is recognized as one the first bloggers in the mortgage industry. Grant is frequently featured in the financial industry’s top publications as a contributing writer and is often asked to share his expertise by speaking at national conferences and moderating webinars.

RGA Delivers Content Marketing through an Affordable Subscription Model

The information you need at a low monthly fee, easy on your budget

To be recognized you need to be part of the important stories in your industry. RGA tells you what those stories are, how you can get involved and even what you should say. We track opportunities for coverage and then track all the coverage you get when we get your stories get published. Cancel anytime.

Writing support to bring the ideas that RGA provides you with to life

When you decide what stories you want to tell, you can count on RGA to help you get those stories told well. Our experience means you always get your point across in the most powerful way. You pay only for what you need.

For a low monthly fee, you get:

  • Informative e-mails packed with information and ideas to promote you
  • Media relations support to keep you in front of key journalists
  • A writing bundle, including a press release, blog posts, tweets and more

When you need more content:

  • A low per word fee for most documents, or
  • Per project pricing, so there are never any surprises