5 Great Blog Posts to Write After a Conference

Part of the value that going to a good business conference delivers comes when you share what you learned with the people who follow you. Many of these people are prospects who have not yet done business with you but who are following you to find out if they should.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your ability to be a great partner is to share what you’ve learned at an event you attended but your followers could not.

There are a great many blog post types you can use to share this kind of information, but here are five of my favorites.

The Conference Recap

For those who could not attend a business event but wish they could have, one of the most valuable blog posts to find is a recap of what happened at the conference. They have likely already seen the agenda and they know who the keynote speakers were, but they want to know the key takeaways from their presentations. In addition, it’s nice to know about the general emotional feel of the show, what happened in certain panel sessions and photos of the exhibit hall floor.

Speaker Spotlight

We’ve already talked about the keynote speakers, but who else did a great job from the podium? Can you go deeper with them in a one-to-one interview after their session? This is content that no one else can offer. Interview one of the speakers at the conference and write a blog post about their insights and advice.

List Post

Everyone loves a list post (or listicle as they are sometimes called) and there are a number of things that can contribute to a great post conference post. Create a list post of the top 10 things you learned at the conference, or the top 10 trends to watch in your industry in the coming year. Or the top ten conference attendees with photos of your executives with them. Top 5 event parties. The opportunities are endless.

Conference Fun

And speaking of parties, most good business conferences will offer a number of opportunities to blow off some steam after the conference sessions end for the day. This is a great opportunity to get photos of your executives with other people from your industry. Just focus on the cool backgrounds offered by these venues and not on the alcohol involved. You want your executives to appear popular and connected, not inebriated. 

Product Launch

Many companies in your space use annual conferences as an opportunity to launch new offerings. If there were any new products or services launched at a recent conference you attended, write a blog post about them and why they are important. This works particularly well if it’s one of your partners who is releasing a new product.

Bonus idea: Conference Fashion

We expect to see photos of people at an event during Fashion Week or at a Hollywood premier or awards event. But why can’t we do the same thing at a business conference? Well, probably because everyone is dressed similarly in business casual attire. But what would happen if you pretended that they weren’t. This can be a great opportunity to get your top executives pictured with other industry leaders (credibility) or pictures of visitors to your booth.

These are just a few of the ideas we share with our clients. There are so many more. The key is providing interesting information to your followers that they can’t get anywhere else about an important industry event that they missed.

We can help you do this. Give us a call before you attend your next business conference to find out more. Find out more about making the most of your next business conference by checking out our Leader’s Guide on the topic.

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