Using Press Releases in Your Marketing Strategy

Many of the companies I serve have drawn clear lines between their marketing and public relations departments. 

This makes sense because there are skills in the marketing department (research, segmentation, journey mapping and paid social media marketing, for instance) that aren’t as well developed on in the PR department.

I also think that if you’re going in search of a writer, you should always start in the PR department (unless you’re specifically looking for a copywriter). PR generates content for use with any of the target publics the company serves, partners with or reports to.

But they come together for content marketing (wherein the PR department’s writers provide copy designed to fill marketing funnels) and with press releases. This is why I recently published a leader’s guide for using press releases to promote business growth.

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In the beginning, press releases were only designed to communicate with journalists and so they didn’t originate in the marketing department. But today, a press release can be found by a member of any marketing segment and should say something to all of them.

That means press releases should be built into the company’s marketing strategy. When they are, they deliver a number of benefits. These include:

1. Brand Exposure and Credibility

Press releases provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand exposure and credibility. When your press release gets picked up by media outlets, it exposes your brand to a wider audience and increases your visibility. This exposure can help establish your brand as an authority in your industry and build trust with potential customers.

2. Media Coverage and Publicity

Press releases are designed to capture the attention of journalists and media outlets. When you craft a compelling press release, you increase your chances of getting media coverage and publicity. This media coverage can result in increased brand awareness and drive valuable traffic to your website.

3. SEO Benefits

Press releases can have a positive impact on your search engine optimization efforts. By optimizing your press releases with relevant keywords and links, you can improve your website’s visibility and rankings on search engines. This increased visibility can drive organic traffic to your website and help you reach a larger audience.

4. Control Over Your Narrative

One of the main advantages of using press releases is the ability to control your narrative. Unlike social media or other forms of marketing, press releases allow you to carefully craft your message and ensure that it is accurately conveyed to the media and your target audience. This control over your narrative can be especially important during crisis situations or when addressing sensitive topics.

5. Reach a Wider Audience

When a press release gets picked up by multiple media outlets, it has the potential to reach a wide audience. This exposure can help you reach new customers and expand your brand’s reach. Additionally, press releases can be shared on social media platforms, further increasing their reach and engagement.

Because these tools have become much more powerful, we created our Leader’s Guide for using press releases more effectively. You can find it here

Next time, we’ll talk about  how to write more effective press releases.

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