Estie Briggs talks Change on STP Podcast

Change management is never easy, but considering the task only from a tactical perspective is a big mistake, according to Estie Briggs. She visits with Rick Grant to explain why.

Estie is the owner of Briggs Performance Consulting and she works with companies who want to take a strategic approach to change management. She explains why this is so important and how it’s getting done.

Questions answered in this podcast:

(0:57) Can you put in perspective for us your view of Effective Change Management.

(5:07) Do you find when you are consulting with companies, that they understand how to share the information they are trying to manage through a change?

(6:30) Why do you think Effective Change Management is important now?

(9:30) What are the risks of not getting Effective Change Management right?

(11:30) What are the benefits of getting Effective Change Management right?

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