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Focus on Your Brand by Living the Brand

This is the time of year when garden centers and home improvement centers line up their most impressive plants for sale to those who love the spring planting season. Plant buyers seek out nurseries they know are living the brand. My wife is a member of this group.

She knows all the plants on sight, the colors they come in, how hard they are to re-pot and grow, and how much they should cost. When it comes to flower brands, she knows her stuff.

But, in fairness, plants make that easy, if you pay attention. Their flowers are all different, as are their stems and the shape of their leaves. They don’t pretend to be anything but what they are. They proudly live up to their brands.

Can we say the same?

Unlike plants, businesses differ by what they offer, what problems they solve, the quality of their people, and their price. And, potentially a great many other things. Living your brand in business is more difficult than showing up wearing the right colors.

We live our brands by the actions we take. It’s all about execution.

Can you think of three ways you are living the brand in your company through your actions each day? If you’re managing a team, you want your people to know what actions support the brand and which do not. This is far more important than the colors in your logo or the words in your tagline.

Here are the three things we do in our business to live our brand:

  1. We know things. We dig content wells so we are never surprised by anything that could impact one of our PR clients.
  2. We write things. Primarily thought leadership for our clients but also marketing and promotional material to support their sales teams.
  3. We share stories. Getting our clients’ stories into as many minds as possible is the best way to advance them as industry leaders.

What are you doing today to live your brand? Write the important things you do down and stick them on the wall somewhere so everyone on your team can also live your brand daily. If you’re not sure what you should be focusing on, check out our Leader’s Guide to Branding.

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