Franco Terango on the STP Podcast

How important is it to recruit and retain the right people? This is a question that no executive ever asks because they all know it’s a strategic imperative. Very little is more important. But how can you do it well in a fast-moving industry?

To find out, we spoke to Franco Terango, CEO of Certainty Home Lending. In this episode of the Strategic Targeting podcast, we spoke with Terango about the strategic importance of good recruiting and how this can best be accomplished.

Questions answered in this podcast:

(0:46) Growth is still a strategic imperative with the lending companies, how are you looking at this problem?
(2:05) How do you strategically recruit, and attract the right people for the company?
(3:42) What are the risks you see with not having the right people?
(5:44) What are the benefits of adding the right people to the business?

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