Getting Attention Ahead of a Conference

Attending a business conference is a great way to reconnect with industry friends and clients as well as making new contacts with prospective clients. To make the most of your show experience, you should start well ahead of the event working to get the attention that will get you meetings at the show.

This is always a good idea, but it becomes even more important when your industry is experiencing a downturn.

Here are some things we work with our clients to do in advance of a show to make it easier for their marketing departments to line up good meetings for their executives.

Create a Landing Page

Adding a page to your site that is SEO optimized to show up when prospective attendees search the web for information about the show is a good way of getting some attention prior to the event.

Make sure the page includes headshots of the executives you’ll be sending to the show. This is a great place to link to the blog posts you’ll be writing about the upcoming show, your experience while at the event and the posts related to any news you company is releasing ahead of or at the show.

Include a call to action, such as a button that says “Schedule a meeting.”

Promote the Page on Social Media

Share links to your landing page on your company’s social media pages and encourage your employees and followers to share them as well. You can also use social media to run targeted ads to people who are interested in your industry and who will be attending the conference.

Send out an Email Blast

Create a list of potential prospects who will be attending the conference and send them an email about your appearance. We usually advise our clients to let everyone on their email list know they will be at the event. Be sure to include all of the important information about your company, your products or services, and how to schedule a meeting.

Work with Conference Organizers

If you have an executive speaking at the event or if your company is sponsoring the show in any way, make sure you provide all of the marketing material requested by the conference organizers. You want to take full advantage of any promotional opportunities that come with your sponsorship.

Network with Other Attendees

If you can get a list of attendees in advance of the show, make sure your marketing team reaches out to them about meeting at the event. If possible, reach out to other attendees on LinkedIn or Twitter. Introduce yourself and let them know that you’re looking to schedule meetings.

This just scratches the surface of what you can do. Additional ideas include:

  • Use relevant hashtags on social media. This will help people who are interested in your industry and who will be attending the conference to find your posts.
  • Write blog posts, create infographics, or record videos that are relevant to your industry and that will be of interest to prospects.
  • Run a contest or giveaway. This is a great way to generate excitement and engagement around your brand.
  • Partner with other businesses. Partner with other businesses in your industry to cross-promote each other’s appearances at the conference or host a party.

If you’re preparing to attend an upcoming business event and would like some help preparing your team to get more attention, call us today. In the meantime, check out our Leader’s Guide to Promoting Your Business at a Trade Show.

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