Hoyt Mann on AI in the Title Industry

Hoyt is a Co-Founder and the President of McKinney, Texas-based alanna.ai, a conversational AI assistant which elevates the operational efficiencies of title agents while upgrading their customer service.

He is a tech evangelist and title industry veteran who has served the industry for over 20 years, including key roles with RamQuest Software and PhaseWare, before helping to found alanna.ai. Hoyt is a native of the Dallas area, and has also served key roles with other Dallas-based companies such as EDS, EpicRealm, MCI and Open Connect Systems.

In this short conversation, he tells me about why AI for the title industry must go well beyond the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT.

Questions answered in this podcast:

(0:48) What is this topic? (AI)

(2:33) Why is it important for (title companies) to consider AI now?

(3:37) What are the risks of (title companies) not taking this serious?

(5:38) What are the benefits of getting into AI early on?

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