John McCrea on the STP Podcast

In a market where mortgage lenders are desperate to find additional revenue to fuel their operations, servicing mortgage loans may be a viable solution, especially given the advancements in software and new Cloud Native mortgage servicing platforms. John McCrea, Senior Vice President for MortgageFlex joins Rick Grant on the STP Podcast to discuss it.

In this episode, John explains why taking servicing back in-house or holding on to the servicing asset after loan origination is now economically feasible even for very small servicers.

Questions answered in this podcast:

(0:48) We are going to talk about what you think is strategic imperative for mortgage lenders to consider now, what are we talking about?

(1:40) Originators think that servicing is not within their capabilities, why is that no longer true?

(3:14) Why are more lenders looking at this possibility now than in the past?

(4:14) What is the risk of ignoring this now?

(5:25) What other opportunities can lenders see if they get into this side of the business?

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