Jorge Sauri on Treating Mortgage Data like Baseball Data

I first met Jorge decades ago when he was leading the team that was building the industry’s first automated underwriting engine for subprime lending. These “story loans” were time consuming to underwrite but because they were not uniform in any aspect, they were very difficult for automation to handle. Jorge got the job done.

Since then he has developed a completely new Web-based loan origination system (LOS), and arguable the first cloud native LOS, built a modular chatbot for financial services long before ChatGPT entered the scene and helped BlackFin Group launch a data analytics business. On this show, Jorge talks about why mortgage lenders might want to take a page out of the baseball manager’s playbook.

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Questions answered in this podcast:

(0:58) Sabermetrics for mortgage, what’s the concept?

(2:01) We don’t have anything like Sabermetrics for loan officers, is it even possible?

(4:53) Why is Sabermetrics important for mortgage lenders to be thinking about?

(6:40) What are the risks if mortgage lenders don’t take Sabermetrics serious?

(8:20) What are the advantages that mortgage lenders will see if they embrace Sabermetrics?

(12:08) Jorge Sauri, how can people find out more about what you are doing?

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