Michael Graber on Corporate Shamanism

Michael Graber is the Managing Partner of Epic Pivot, a company that is revolutionizing how corporate leaders look at their companies, their customers and even the political framework in which they both exist. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors for the Global Innovation Institute, and a founding member, mentor and facilitator for the Memphis Innovation Bootcamp. I met Michael many years ago and have been following his career with interest.

In this short conversation, he tells me about Corporate Shamanism and the new, emerging model of Capitalism that is helping him help his clients succeed.

Questions answered in this podcast:

(2:00) Why do you think it’s important to bring Corporate Shamanism back into focus now?

(6:21) What are the risks of not moving forward with Corporate Shamanism?

(6:50) What are the benefits of Corporate Shamanism?

(8:16) Michael Graber, how can people get in touch with you, and find out more about what you do?


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