Scott Schang on AI in Mortgage Lending

I met Scott about a year ago or so, but now feel like I’ve known him all of my life. Maybe that’s because I admire him and his ability to dive into new things and find the bits that matter and that can make his clients more successful. In this episode of the Strategic Targeting Podcast, Scott talks to us about his research into the new AI tools that so many are writing about today.

While many are satisfied to use these new AI tools to make their lives a little easier, Scott goes well beyond that and in this 13-minute episode he introduces us to both the work he’s been doing with generative AI and the promise he sees in it for the industry.

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Questions answered in this podcast:

(1:16) Scott Schang, what will we be talking about today?

(3:31) Why do you think AI tools are important now?

(6:15) Can AI help loan officers accomplish content marketing and thought leadership?

(8:41) What are the risks for loan officers, of not using AI?

(9:59) What opportunities are there for loan officers embracing AI?

(12:29) Scott Schang, what is the best way for people to get in touch with you?

Second Opinion Loan Officer Podcast

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