Thom Walters on Workplace Wellness

Relaunching my executive podcast series after a long hiatus is turning out to be very rewarding. First up, Thom Walters of Thom is an old friend (he officiated at the renewal of my vows on our 20th wedding anniversary) who understands the importance of peace in the workplace. It was a privilege to have him on the show.

In this 7-minute episode, Thom talks about the importance of workplace wellness and how companies can make it a strategic priority and deliver for better retention, higher employee satisfaction and better overall results.

Upcoming guests include Scott Schang, Jorge Sauri, Michael Graber and more. To be a guest on a future show, reach out to me at

Questions answered in this podcast:

(1:15) Let’s discuss this matter, as individuals are experiencing heightened stress levels in demanding environments, compounded by a downturn in the market.

(2:08) Do you work with companies to train them in meditation and mindfullness?

(2:40) When you in in to talk with someone on meditation and mindfulness in the workplace, how does that conversation go?

(3:37) What are the risks in the workplace if we don’t deal with this?

(4:50) Are you seeing the meditation and mindfulness being accepted, and what are the benefits when they do?

(6:03) Do you work with companies everywhere?

(6:15) If a company wants to find out more, what’s the best thing for them to do?

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