TrueFocus Automation on RPA in the Title Business

For this episode of the Strategic Targeting podcast, I sat down with Jimmy Lewis and Sridhar Loganathan of TrueFocus Automation to talk about robotic process automation for the U.S. Title Industry.

Both executives have spent many years in and around the mortgage industry and have a good understanding of both what new technologies can bring to the business and where they can best be utilized to increase title company profitability.

Questions answered in this podcast:

(0:50) What is TrueFocus Automation working on right now?

(1:40) Why is (RPA -Robotic Production Automation) the proper approach to an evolving industry?

(2:30) Why is (RPA -Robotic Production Automation) so important now?

(4:30) Title Automation Slide explanation

(6:00) Are you seeing the title companies understanding the potential from the Title Automation?

(7:11) Title Hunter/Product Variant Slide explanation

(9:12) Are you seeing the title owners understand how (Title Hunter/Automation) might help them?

(10:18) What are the risks of not moving forward with RPA -Robotic Production Automation?

(11:56) What are the benefits of RPA -Robotic Production Automation?

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